Nov 1, 2013

A little more Halloween!

Another Halloween Post!!

Well ended up doing a little trick or treating last night despite the fact that door to door beggin had been postponed until tonight.

My daughters church/school was having a trunk or treat...that because of the weather moved inside. They asked me to come of course I did!

My companions...

Batman and one-eyed Iron Man!

This church did a great job for the kids!

The halls of the school had the doorways  decorated...

with everything from Noah and his a jail with prisoner!

The gym was full of games and entertainment and kiddo's...

Good job Iron Man!

Batman is checking out the candy bag...

Batman was about the candy!!

Fun was had by all,,,this smile says it all!

Halloween has come to an end....

looking forward now to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

God Bless


  1. It looks like the boys had a great time and the church/school really went all out to show the kids a great time. So nice to see Halloween being all for the kids!!!! This post had me smiling!!

  2. Sharon, you sweet little compansions are just adorable!

    SO glad you did this, and had such fun. I tell ya, they sure don't stay little long, that's for sure.

    Glad you documented the fun time so well - thanks for sharing!!


  3. I just now saw this one! Such a fun time!

  4. I just now saw this one! Such a fun time!


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