Mar 2, 2013

Redo x 2

Hey Ya'll,

I bet you didn't know I'm a southern bell wanna be?
I always love that southern's in my parents were born and raised in the south...and then moved to I was born and raised a city girl. To this day...I wish I had that southern drawl!  Ask my a kid, they would put me center stage...and encourage me to perform my twang...whilst everyone laughed (probably AT me) or my kids...who got had to listen to their fun annoying mom...who chose to talk in other lingo's...yeah sometimes it was Italian...what extremes...I guess I was just as indecisive back then as I am today...I drove them crazy...I'm telling ya...just ask em.
What's my point you're thinking?
there isn't one really...but while on the subject I just don't think there is a better way to address a whole bunch of people...or just a few of ya...whatever the case may be...than "Ya'll".

So absolutely none of that has anything whatsoever to do with my post today...I just drank 2 giant cups of coffee...and I think I'm just revved up...typing a mile a minute!

On with the post...yesterday...while looking through my pictures...I came upon a little project that I did last summer...but since my house was in upheaval, and I kind of took an unplanned blog break...I never blogged about it...and thought I would now...since I am longing for warm weather...and it's just around the corner (I hope!)

This is actually a redo of a redo...thus the title of the blog post "redo x 2"

Now the first redo...was prior to I have nary a picture of the single wooden chair I picked up at a yard sale for about 3.00...and not a single picture of me painting the chair white...and no pictures of the vintage tablecloth I paid 1.00 for... and found a section big enough without stains to use as the seat cover...and no pictures of the pretty china plates I was able to snag for a mere dollar...nor a picture of me painstakingly cutting those pretty plates... piece by piece...making sure to use only the flattest pieces...and guess what? 

You guessed...

no pictures of me strategically gluing each piece of china...or mixing the grout...or applying the grout...or cleaning the grout...or sealing the grout.


However...I do have a picture of the finished project...

here is a better one of the seat with the vintage tablecloth

I was pretty happy with the result...It was my first time doing any kind of mosaic. It sat in my guest room...for awhile. I tire of things quickly though...and I was past ready to get rid of it.

I work at a hospital...and some of the people there were participating in a fund raiser. The money was going to help abused children. They were asking that we decorate a chair and bring it in for an auction.
 The name of the fundraiser was

 "Chair-ish the Children"
how clever is that!

I immediately thought about that chair...
I would donate it! However in reality...the seat was not stuffed enough and it looked it had since acquired a new stain or two...and the fresh white paint...wasn't fresh know nicked here in there...not distressed...just nicked and dirty looking if you know what I

Redo 2

So I removed the stained seat...and brought the chair down to my living room...
you know...that place where you sand, paint, stain...and craft?
There is a plus side to having no floors!

this project is nothing've seen them around for years...but I still think they are cute...and I'm going to show you my version. 

I grabbed some chicken wire and wire cutters... 

that chicken wire can be pretty dangerous (when you're me) so I grabbed my work gloves...
I mean my husbands work gloves...

and began to push the wire down in the seat of the chair to create a to speak for my plant.

once I had it the size I wanted I grabbed my heavy duty stapler gun, and stapled the chicken wire all around the seat of the can't really see the staples to good in the picture...and I may have added alot more after this pic was taken...but you just want to make sure it will hold once you put the plant in.

next for the finish on the chair...I decided to distress and antique a I sanded it down just a bit to give it a worn look...and then used stain to give it that antiqued look

For this project I was just going to set an already purchased, planted basket of flowers inside the chair (because I was doing this in a hurry...cause I'm a last minute kind of gal...and it's the night before the event...and I have to work tomorrow...and then right to the fund raiser)...however, I wanted the next owner to be able to plant their own plants in I grabbed some Spanish moss and a pot liner (forget what you call them) and placed down inside the wire bowl 

 Because of the "broken china" on the chair...

 and the fact that it was a fundraiser for abused children...
 I decided to add this to the chair...I think it was perfect!

 and here is the finished project...all ready to head to the fundraiser!

sorry for all of the blurry pictures...I was doing this at night...with horrible lighting...well that's my excuse anyway...but apparently  natural light doesn't help (me) much!

Hope you enjoyed my redo X 2!

God Bless!


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