Nov 6, 2013

The Great Purge of 2013

Just a quick update on the goins on around here.

First off the leaves survived the storms...when I look out the window...the color is stunning! Especially when the sun is shining..and of course it was not!!

Please ignore the light fixture..and the location of the light fixture! One of these days...I'll take care of that!

I am still working on the 

"The Great Purge of 2013"

I did get a start on my closet...just a start mind not finished yet..but posted this on my personal facebook page...

Please read through to the very end for a very important tip...

I ventured into my closet...
I came out with 6 sweaters,
2 turtle necks, 1 hoodie, 
 3 jean shirts, 2 flannels, 
1 skirt, 5 dresses, 2 ladies suites,
 13 shirts...winter/summer mix, 
1 T shirt, 3 jackets, 
3 wild flowery outfits purchased 
while in Hawaii that have not since 
seen sunlight, 
1 camisole  1 reg bra, 1 sports bra, 
4 pair of with sirrups 
(remember those?), 
1 jazzercise shirt (the zumba of the 90's)
 1 leotard from my Jane Fonda
 days back in the 80's,

 and 3 dickies 

(and for you youngins...I'm not being naughty)

What's the important 
tip you might ask? 

If you need any retro clothing...
Goodwill of Greencastle,
 is your one stop shop!

Better Hurry...
those dickie's won't last long!

I found it totally amusing... that my dickies were quite popular with my FB buds...and they never made it to Goodwill!

I have yet to finish my closet...but for the most part what's left to do is mostly my husbands...and he has a much harder time than me letting go of clothes!!

So my count thus far for 

"The Great Purge of 2013"

is the above mentioned clothing
3 truckloads of odds and ends from the basement

and 3 boxes from the bedroom...turned exercise room...turned hoarders den...hopefully to be turned back into an exercise room again...once the hoard has been completely dealt with!

right now if you walked in my house you would think it had been ransacked!!
It's probably going to get worse before it gets better!

Take care!



  1. Are you sure you weren't in my closet...minus the exercise attire? I think you should have saved those dickies. I bet they were invented by a woman suffering from hot flashes who liked the layered look!

    You are making the rest of us hoarders inspired!

  2. This is sounding so familiar, with the exception of the outfits purchased in Hawaii. I remember all of this and have had, or maybe still have it in my own closet, along with some VHS tapes.

    Loved the dining room pic, the leaves are gorgeous. Need to do something about where my light fixture is placed too! As you said, one of these days....

  3. Doesn't it feel great to see empty spaces?
    I still have lots more to purge until I see emptiness all around me.

  4. You are inspiring me to do the same soon...except not with clothes, mine is purged every year if not worn, seriously. I don't have a lot anymore but what I have is nice and fits well and is worn. It liberated me so much doing so.

    Now my basement..........the deep abyss needs purging big time. Ugh.



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