Oct 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Are your little's going to go trick or treating tonight? Because of the weather, it's been postponed until tomorrow night around this ole haunted house, which means I will miss it all together! I'm off to Michigan tomorrow to visit my parents...and attend the wedding of my dear friends son. I generally go to my daughters on Halloween and trick or treat with them...but will not get to this time (said with a pout)!

I did get over to their house the other night to enjoy carving and painting some pumpkins
with 2 of my favorite littles...even though they were battling a bit of a cold!
(sorry some of the pics are bit blurry)

They  did an amazing job on their painted pumpkins!!

Then last night I got a visit from
 a growling tiger...and a cute little lady bug...2 more of my favorite littles!!

Little Miss Lady Bug...is enjoying some of her Halloween loot!

And this is one cute scary little tiger!

not really scary...just plain cute m'kay!

I do believe this is the last day for the view out my kitchen window!

storms with high winds coming this way! Fall is my very favorite time of year...but once the leaves are gone...I'm looking forward to lots and lots of the white stuff!!

I am so blessed and I have so much to be grateful for!!

I leave you with this final picture, a picture of one single element of my fall mantel...manipulated just a bit with picmonkey

Happy Halloween!


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  1. Those are 4 very precious littles! Kids are so much fun, and I miss mine! She had a lot of nerve to grow up when I was still having fun!

    The view from your window is lovely! Yucky weather headed this way too. We will have fewer leaves after the storm too.


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