Jun 20, 2012

refreshing the porch...

Hi There
Remember me?

I've not been posting like I'd like...
I've been busy attending weddings, agonizing over hardwood floors...graduations...work...out of town company for 3 days...1st birthday parties, running out for samples of hardwood floors... painting my shutters... work...visits with grand babies, meeting up with good Michigan friends in Illinois...pulling my hair out over hardwood floors...painting...giving the front of my porch a facelift...working my day job...a couple of plays...work...father's day activities...loosing sleep over hardwood floors and then again...work!

lots to blog about...but no time to blog...and NO pictures to post even if I had the time. I lost All the pictures that I had taken through that entire list!

I was sick...the memory card said empty!!!
don't know why...
don't know how...
fine one minute...
gone the next...

However as of Saturday, I have them back!!!
It's nice to have a son-in-law who is an IT guy!!
He was able to recover all of the pictures!!!
so you may be getting a lot of "old news" posts here in the next week or so...
then again...
maybe not...just depends on the mood.

Anyway...thanks to all of you for the comments and opinions on the hardwood floor project!

ding ding ding....we have a winner!!

We've decided to go with the oak.
It's wasn't my original choice...but with our house, lighting, cabinets...etc...I think it's the best choice...PLUS...all of you that have it, love it, and are not sorry...so Oak it is! Plus my handsome assistant really wanted that one!
Now that I have hem-hawed around for so long...looks like it will be about a month or so before the installer will be able to get them laid...so pictures won't be coming anytime real soon, but I will be posting pictures eventually.

On to a new subject...
I love big porches, wrap around porches, with rockers, swings, and just that whole 
feeling they evoke.
Memories of hot summer nights...
visiting with the neighbors...
sipping ice tea or lemonade...
 catching fireflies in a fruit jar...

Do I have one of these porches?
I have a porch...
I have a wrap around porch...
but I have it better yet! 

My porch is special...

My porch has a dual function...

What's so special about my porch you might ask??

Well my porch can be used as a bowling alley!

awesome right???

take a look for yourself

 yes...about 2000 feet long
and barely wide enough for a chair

and yes it's a wrap around...

woo hoo!

It's hard to use or decorate a dual purpose, 
bowling alley/porch! 
It's not really successful at either of these functions! Bowling is a bit rough, as the ball hits the slats on the porch and just won't go straight, so you can't ever get a strike... plus the siding gets all dented from the ball, because for some reason they put the gutters near the ceiling instead of along the edges of the alley. Go Figure...

All corny joking aside...this porch has been neglected lately, and was sporting chippy wicker with faded red cushions and a blotchy floor

faded barn red shutters, 
(dirty faded barn red shutters!) 

dog scratched/dirty front door,

pillars in need of some repair (from our previous railing we had replaced last fall) and a fresh coat of paint

 and old...to small for the house...tarnished gold porch lights and coach lights...

I think it's deserving of a fresh new look...

don't you?

First...my handsome assistant sprayed it all down
for me...

next, the shutters were given a fresh coat of black paint...

The floor, the pillars, and the front door will have to wait until next week at least...but I wanted to post the changes thus far.

this little table...

I had picked up at a garage sale for 5.00, but had not done anything with it...so I spay painted it black...

I put a fresh coat of white on all of the wicker...
which can only help so much...this wicker was purchased several years ago at a garage sale for 30.00...and probably should have been replaced by now. I'm keeping my eye out for some rockers. We had rockers out there when we first moved in...we purchased them at Cracker Barrel, but the cat we had at the time, completely destroyed them...
this time I'm looking for some thrift-ed rockers...

and that will rock my world! 

the flower pots got a coat of black paint
(they've been white, bronze and now black...
gotta love spray paint!)

I picked up that little rocker at a yard sale last year for just 2.00. The only thing it needed, was one screw...which held the arm to the back of the chair... and my handsome assistant was able to 
produce the perfect screw. 

 He's handy like that!

(don't take that out of context, he! he!)

Now this little rocker is adorable...and sits awaiting a cute little Tattor Tot to come rock awhile

Some of the outdoor lights still need to be changed out, this is the style I chose...from Menards

I was going to paint the old tarnished brass ones...but decided they were a bit to small for the house...but I still have plans to paint them and then use them to replace the ones at my back doors, which are even more pitiful!

So here is a taste of the progress so far...

I have just discovered Garden Ridge...I was shopping in a town about 45 min. from here...and saw that they had replaced the old Flower Factory with the Garden Ridge...I was excited to check it out...since I've heard bloggers talk about it...and glad I did! I could spend a few hours in there, no problem! That is where I found the black and white  cushions for the wicker...
Thank goodness I knew what I wanted when I went in...because their selection was huge, and the prices very good...
I would have had a hard time choosing I'm sure!

The birdcage came from Garden Ridge as well. I saw it...and had to have it...that's it!

The rocks, are space rocks...a memento  from   Sweet Tator's 1st (outer space) birthday party
we painted rocks with silver spray paint
they were part of the table decor

The lantern's were purchased at walmart...
I love them...and they came with the 
battery operated candles...on clearance!!

The table under the window, was purchased a couple of years ago from a yard sale. It fits perfectly under the window, and since it has a nice big drop down side, it would be a great place to eat, play some play dough...or blog. 

Yes, it's still about 2000 feet long...
 still barely wide enough for a chair...
Still has several steps to reach completion...
But at least it has been beautified a bit...
with more to come...
I'll post as I go...

Plus, I have ideas cookin for the side porch...I'll keep you posted.

So...tell me...what is your porch like...is it big or small...do you use it? Does it have a dual purpose too? Is it difficult to decorate? I would love love love to hear from you!

Sorry this has been such a long post!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. looks so good we do not have a porch so even though you have a small one you have one. love itand love the table. ang

  2. Visiting from Savvy Southern Style.I love your spruce ups to the porch.

  3. Your porch looks wonderful...love the black and white and the cute little rocker. I can tell your little one loves it.
    Thanks for visiting and I'm following you, too.

  4. Love that porch!!! Love the black and white cushions and love that fern stand!!! Awesome!!! That grandbaby is just precious!!! What a sweet little face!!! Glad to have found your blog!!! Following you now and thanks for visiting me!!!

  5. Beautiful transformation. I would love a front porch to hang out on. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

  6. I ADORE your front porch re-do, Sharon!!! My porch is very similar, and I use a lot of black and white, with ferns and white flowers...AND, I have black shutters! Great job....you are so very talented!

  7. Sharon, all I can say is WOW! You have made some beautiful changes. That fern is gorgeous. I love the new light fixture, pillows, lantern, drop leaf table. It really came together well.
    I love porches, but this house has only a small porch - room for one chair barely.

  8. Hey there, long time no see! I LOVE your porch! The black and white is so fresh and classic. Those cushions are so, so pretty. It makes me sad that our closest Garden Ridge burned down. Congrats on getting wood floors. That's on my wish list too. I look forward to seeing yours.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  9. Wow! It looks like a whole new porch. I think black was a great choice for the shutters. It looks modern but still cozy. I love all the pretty simple ways you made this into an absolutely fantastic space. And, I love, love, love the new lighting fixtures.

    Stopping by from Transformation Thursday!

  10. Love the updates you have given your front porch! It is looking great! As for hardwood floors. . . I just got new ones this past year. They make such a huge difference! We are loving ours. Now, I just need to purchase a couple of rugs! I am partying with you over at the Shabby Creek.

  11. Your porch looks beautiful. I really like the black accents you included. Even though it's narrow and long you've done a great job in creating a very welcoming spot.
    I'm happy to be a new follower and hope you'll stop by,
    Mary Alice

  12. I love your porch! Great job!

  13. Hi! I saw your post from Trifty Decorating blog party. Your new porch looks so cozy and I love your little table and lanterns!

  14. I LOVE your porch... think of it as unique and charming in all it's 2000' long glory! LOL! It would be kind of cute to display an antique bowling pin set down at one end! :o)


  15. Wow, gorgeous transformation!! I'm dreaming of adding one to the front of our home. The dimensions of yours reminds me of my fireplace mantle. 6' x 2". We make the best of it! :)

  16. Crisp. And I like the contrast.

  17. I love your porch! The black and white is stunning and the easy upgrades you did made all the difference. I want to porch like yours so badly! Thanks for linking up this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  18. I love the porch. I like all of the accessories. The furniture is great too and the light fantastic! The cushions are very nice.

    Saw you at cowgirl up party and now following you on Linky.


  19. Hey! Love the porch! You did a great job! I Pinned it! Please stop by my website http://www.decorating-ideas-made-easy.com/porch-decorating-ideas.html and share your photos and ideas! It will become your own page! Once edited I will make your link live to your website! Thanks. P.S. I'm a new member!

  20. It is beautiful, another fabulous redo!

  21. WoW!!! Love the transformation, and the B&W!!!

  22. That is quite the change! It looks wonderful! Love the lights you picked out too! I love porches, especially screened ones! Looks great! ~Zuni

  23. Wow! You did a fabulous job in working with the narrow space! I adore porches and would love to have one with a porch swing.

    I'm so happy you shared your lovely porch at Potpourri Friday!!

  24. I love your porch! The black and white cushions are lovely. I also like your birdcage. I need to high tail it to Garden Ridge! Stopping by from Potpourri Friday.
    Your newest follower,

  25. Really very lovely. Everything is so perfect. You have inspired me to get back to my patio decorating. My break needs to be over, I am so ready to have mine finished and beautiful like yours!!! Best Wishes for a wonderful weekend, Bobbie

  26. Sharon, I LOVE your porch! It was nice before, but the changes you've made are JUST RIGHT. It looks so spiffy and charming!

  27. Sharon, thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous porch remodel with us at Ivy and Elephants. It is a feature this week we loved it so much. Please stop by and grab a featured button!

  28. That looks absolutely beautiful! And I love the picture of the sweet little baby on the rocker! xoxo

  29. VERY NICE!!!! Love it!

    I live in an old bungalow and my LIVING ROOM is a bowling alley of sorts, lol...I'll have to do a post about that one of these days...

  30. Hi Sharon, love the name of your blog!! wow, you made such great use of your porch! super idea to angle your settee! I'll be featuring this post on Vintage Inspiration tomorrow!


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