Nov 7, 2013

My kitchen before and after reveal!!

What a difference a day can make!!

I took this picture on Tuesday....

The "Before"

and...Ta Da!!!

The "After" was cold, windy and rainy...

These pictures were taken today...

with a few just hanging on for dear life!

again the before and after

Amazing...I know!
I didn't raise a finger either! I have a Heavely decorator...
and I let him make all the decisons!

So I hope you're not feeling let down!
I sort of tricked you....
no freshly updated kitchen...
no new appliance's...
or counter tops...
In my opinion...
my "before" was actually better than my "After" 
but are there really any rules to the 
"Before and Afters" of blog land?
 if so I guess I better read the rule book...and then I probably won't follow them anyway!

Stay tuned for the really big reveal...
My Heavenly decorator really knows how to brighten up the gray days after those leaves...leaf us 


I can't wait to share it with you!!

Maybe if and when I get to the window treatments...or change and move that light fixture...I will reveal that too!
woot! woot!
I know you can't wait!!



  1. You are just so danged cute, girl.

    I am smiling like you wouldn't even believe!!!! :- D

  2. You are hilarious! You totally got me!!!

  3. You got me too! I could publish a post called "going white" today. A white snowy landscape is what you'd see. We were gone for a day and came back to a few inches of snow!

    You really do have a gorgeous autumn view of your colorful trees and I imagine they look just as pretty weighed down with snow.


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