Mar 23, 2012

Picnik Replacement!

If you're like've been crying over Picnik's impending closure. 
 I'm talkin literal tears over here!
 I only just discovered Picnik a month or so before the big announcement that google was closing it down, and I have grown very fond of it very quickly!
So I have been searching for something I like as well...and had not been successful...and I have tried several...but last night I heard the angels singing... Halleluiah!
Some of the Engineers that were involved with creating Picnik...
(along with a monkey)

have created another great photo editor!  It is very similar to looks very familiar...but it seems even easier to use...and has great features!

Right now it is free to use...though as they continue to add more features and continue to improve it, they will...I'm sure...add a fee... for at least the advanced options...just like Picnik did. Right now the collage is not available, but it's coming soon.

Maybe you have excellent photography skills...or have a very expensive photo editing program...
I have neither of these!

This program is very good, and I am so excited about it! 

So...I was playing around with it a little last night...
I took this picture of my sister-n-law and myself

 She is an awesome sister-n-law...and a great friend...but for now....


She's been cropped...out
(Sorry Sista this is just for demonstration)

Just me now...zoomed in nice and close...
WAY to close!
You can see every flaw on my face!
I can't believe I'm really gonna put this on the internet for the whole world to see when I am getting nothing from picmonkey to do so!

You know they say to hold your mirror at arms length...because that's the distance most people are really looking at you from.

Any way, back to my demo...whith just a couple clicks...I was able to get this...

Me likey...but lets keep going...

Yowzers Baby!
ya think if I keep tweaking...I can be 18 again??

How about some fun with the grand babies...

My little Sweet Tator...

to this...

this would be a great poster!

and now Mr. Buddy Boo with Grampa...Pa Pa...or Pop Pop (depending on Grand child)

let's make him the star of the show!

 and Tator Tot snuggling with Gramma...NanNa...or Neena...(depending on Grand child)

Anyway...I could go on and on...
picture after picture...
bottom line is...
It's awesome...check it out!

and if I am so 20 seconds ago...

never mind...

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  1. Well I read about this and tried it yesterday - and loved what I was experimenting with - but have a question - I even wrote them an email hoping they'd "saved" images, I got the monkey winking - giving me the idea I did it correctly....but then couldnt FIND the photo - I looked everywhere. I figured it would go right back to the place I took it from (file) all new and purdy like.

    So what was I doing wrong?

    And no you aren't 20 seconds ago - but I daresay you looked pretty dang good with a little tweaking, my dear - but I am kinda fond of that original vulnerable perfect YOU.

    Thanks for this - hoping you can answer me, would love to play more.

    Have a FAB weekend!

  2. oh my goodness.. that is amazing what you can do with pictures!! i really had no idea!

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
    I just hate that Picnik is shutting down..until now that is..I think picmonkey is going to be great !!

  4. I am still so thankful to you for clueing me into Picnik, Debbie, and I will add their new site to my favorites, fer sure! And, by the way, there are NO flaws on your face--I like your untouched photo the best! You are simply beautiful.....

  5. Guess what?! I chose you as one of my recipients for the Liebster Blog Award!!! You can see the post here: Isn't that exciting?


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