Nov 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I pray each and every one of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

We all...even in times of troubles have so much to be thankful for!

Our plan, this year,  is to have everyone in the family together...for the first time in many years...

as this Thanksgiving is especially special!

My dad turns 90

and my adorable grand daughter turns 1

Now my prayer is that illness...snow...etc...does not get in the way of our plans, but God is in control...and if our plans line up with HIS WILL happen!
I'm leaving it in Gods hands!

Enjoy your family and tell them you love never know if this could be your last chance!!





  1. What a darling photo of your Dad and your darling little grandbaby!!! How special is that the way they're looking at one another - love it!

    May you enjoy a truly blessed and very Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Sharon, I am so sorry to learn you broke your toe - oh hon, ouch - esp this busy time of year.

    Well even with your broken toe you will probably win the race to holiday decorating - for the first time in years I am changing it up so it is taking more thoughts and more going through things and purging (versus samey same old thing.)

    Can't wait to see your decor.

    Huge hugs and prayers for a fast heal - I broke my left baby toe twice many years ago, just nothing you can do for it but to get Vitamin D and take oyster shell tablets to get yourself enough calcium so it heals fast. And REST, but what's that, right?


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