Mar 7, 2012

Sunshine, Flowers and Pitcher Love!

The other day I actually came home after work 
(I get off at 5) to see sunshine streaming in my windows!! 
Sunshine is so energizing! 
It makes me happy!
During the winter months...I see very little of it though...even when it's shining!
 I work full an office without a single window...
I'm sure I'm vitamin D deprived!!

Just showing off my Huge white pitcher I picked up at Home Goods on Sunday
Don't you love it? 
I placed the pear there just so you could truly see the size of this thing...and it was only $19.99! 
I could spend hours in that store.
 I'm just mad at myself for not getting it's smaller twin! 
(Note to self...not sure...just get can always take it back! Dummy!)

Even though we have had such a mild winter...I have still been using my sweater vases that I made back here right before Christmas. I guess after the carnations wither away...
 I shall be forced to pack them up until next fall.
The carnations, by the way, were from my hubby. He buys me flowers 3-4 times a month... just about every time he goes to Walmart to be exact.  Not big fancy bouquets...but  just the simple yet beautiful one's you can pick up there. 

 I love to have fresh flowers in my home...and just the fact that he thinks of me, near every time he is there...well what more could a simple girl like me want! 
My hubby is truly a good guy!

I am really having spring fever now! If you have been reading this blog would know that I love the snow...and I have been patiently waiting for big wintery blizzards... but alas have slacked and I am over you now! 
Ready for beautiful....long...sunny...spring days! to my windowless office,
Hope wherever you are today
the sun is shining brightly in your window!


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  1. Happy Spring, Sharon! Now go on outside on your lunch break and get yourself some Vitamin D--that's an order!

  2. Awesome score with that amazing pitcher vase- you will use a zillion times.....

    And even BETTER score with that awesome DH of yours - what a catch, fresh flowers all the time?

    That just made my day. You hug that fella for us, ok?

    Have a fabulous day. Now when you can, as soon as you can, go pick up the matching smaller vase to this set. You will be glad you did!


  3. I wish we had a Home Goods nearby. That pitcher is beautiful, but I really like your sweater vase, too, all dressed up with jewels. It's a beautiful day today, so I hope you got to enjoy some sunshine also.

  4. Oh, there room for a HUGE picture of a beautiful window with sunlight streaming thru ?? That MIGHT help your feelings....:))

    Beautiful pitcher...

  5. Just love that pitcher. And your sweater vases are darling. And that hubby of yours is a real keeper!




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