Mar 8, 2012

A Spring Vignette

Springing on up in here!

Kroger had these bee-U-tiful tulips the other day...and I had to get some! I love tulips...and these are such a pretty color! I wanted to make a little springtime vignette for the kitchen table...

So I grabbed my cute little silver birds...who will flitter and flutter into each and every season with me...cause I love em that much...

This one is nestled in some mossy rocks.....

Don't you love how he picks up the pinks and the greens from the flowers...and yours truly...twisting and turning as I try and act like a photographer...

I picked up this old silver candlestick at a yard sale years ago. I Threw some moss on it, to give my little friend a post to perch upon...

doesn't he look comfy!

Back in October or November I ordered
some Paperwhite bulbs from a local school fundraiser. I had always wanted to try them indoors. When they came in...I didn't have any potting soil...and just never planted them...but a week or 2 ago, I discovered via somebody's awesome blog, (sorry, but I don't remember who's) that you could actually grow them in rocks and water...which I did have on hand....

I purchased and planted them at the same time...but their not growing at the same rate...but they are so fun to can almost see them grow!

You probably already knew you could plant them this way...but in case you didn't...and would like to try some just put your rocks in your container, set the bulbs on top...add a couple more to stable the bulbs...and then add water just to the bottom of the bulb...easy breezy...and less messy than dirt!

Anyway...I put it all together on a silver tray...and my kitchen table is dressed for spring. I love the combination of the pink, green and shiny silver...LOVE!

Here's a couple more pictures...just because...
I know you're excited for spring too...
and I know...

because a little birdie told me!

Have a great day!

God Bless!


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  1. What a great post you've written! I love the tulips and how you made a nest for the bird on the candlestick. I had no idea you could force bulbs like that. Everything came together so well. Beautiful.

  2. What a perfectly lovely vignette I love using birds/nests as accents.Tulips are always cheerful too aren't they. Forcing bulbs is fun but I always wait too late.

  3. Such a pretty post! I love this--the reflection of the flowers on the birds is so pretty--TFS!

  4. Very pretty ! And I didn't know about the bulbs....I'll have to try that. Really like the birdie nest on the candle stick.Love spring and all that goes with it. Uplifting blog Sharon !

  5. Well, I didn't know you could grow bulbs like that! I'm so inspired! I'm your newest follower, I'd love if you followed in return and linked up to my little party:

    Hope to see you there!

  6. Well, I had to run out and buy rocks on my lunch hour! LOL Can you only do this with paperwhites? Or can I use other bulbs?

  7. It all looks so beautiful and your photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this Spring loveliness with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  8. I love your silver birdies! Your arrangement is so pretty. I didn't know you could "plant" bulbs like that, may have to give it a try! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment on my stenciled chairs. :)

  9. What beautiful tulips! I love all the color bouncing around in your photos. Visiting from Funky Junk, & I'd love it if you'd share this at my Spring Mantel party, going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  10. I'm trying hard not to get too excited for Spring only because it's still a little too early and I know there's another snowstorm around the corner although I hope not. You did a great job with your pictures. I can almost reach out and touch your beautiful tulips. I'm going to attempt to force some just like you said, I was never shown how to do it. Gonna send my hubby on an errand to the local nursery

  11. I love your spring decor!!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower!

  12. So beautiful! I love putting fresh plants/flowers out and about! And I didn't know that about paperwhites - good stuff! I have a shamrock on my table now - I'll show it off, soon!

  13. Wonderful vignette! I loooove the pink tulips and the round shapes that keep repeating in different ways!

  14. Beautiful! I love the moss and the natural elements! I'm your newest follower!

    Blessings, Grace

  15. I didn't know you could grow paperwhites like that until I started blogging too. It's nice that you have them growing like they are. That way, you'll have color in your home longer.

    Love the tulips and the cute bird too! Thank you for sharing your vignette at my party this week! You're making me in the mood to start my spring decorating!


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