Mar 12, 2012

At Vase Value

This morning as I stalked my regular blogs...
I saw that is was time for 
Debbiedoo's Copy Cat Party
 I didn't have anything ready...
 or even in mind...
and I had a list a mile long of things I wanted to get accomplished today...
so I just kind of forgot about it...
 and went about my business.

Then...while in my creative junk space...looking for a stencil...I happened upon this...

Check out the date on this magazine

I said to myself...
"Self" (as I thumbed through the pages) you really need to clean out this room...and get rid of some of these old magazines"

Then I saw this....

I knew I was hanging onto these for a reason...
today is the reason!
I can do this...I can Copy Cat this!'s the kitchen window...again
And yes I have posted many a post looking though this window...and last time I went to the copy cat party I did this window! You can see that  here 


I'm inspired...

I can go to the party!! 

Without thinking...

without leaving the house...
(Thank you hubby for bringing me
 flowers again yesterday!) 

without buying a thing...
(thank you self, for picking up all of those 
cool little jars at yard sales last summer!) 

I can copy this...
and go to Debbiedoo's party!

here is my version...

all 247 pictures...

I just had to take one at night...cause I like the color against the black of night

do you see my little visitor?

Here, lets get a little closer...

See that beautiful butterfly...
trying to get to my flowers!

it's a moth?
trying to get to the light...

Here they are again...side by side

Hope you enjoy my copy cat spring much as I do...and what fun I had getting it together!

Thanks Debbie!

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  1. Well it sure does not get any cuter than that. I love it. Screams spring and is so happy in your window. Thanks for joining me, glad you did.

  2. This is beautiful! I just love the way it looks on your window! Very, very pretty!

  3. SOOO pretty, Sharon--you've done it again--inspired me! Thank you for your beautiful blog....

  4. very sweet and perfect for spring lovely job love your bottles too...
    Its a beautiful copycat...
    Hope you will enjoy a visit at
    With love

  5. Your spring window looks so pretty, love the little bottles :)

  6. Such a pretty copy cat! I wish my window ledge were wider so I could do that! I really does look so pretty!
    Thanks for following, I'm now following you on GFC and Linky Follower!


  7. Sharon, I've wished for a long time that my sink was under a window so I could decorate a windowsill. Now you really make me wish my kitchen layout was different.

    The colors of those flowers just scream "happy" and "spring". I love them. Thanks for sharing this simple design that gave such a huge impact to your home. I'm so glad you joined my party this week!

  8. Hi again Sharon! Obviously I was here before, but wanted to drop by again. Your adorable vases were featured today in my Saturday Picks! Thank you for dropping by my party, and I hope you will come again next week.

    There is a button for a featured page or your sidebar if you'd like to take it.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  9. Simply charming! I love the flowers your husband picked, too. :) Congrats on the feature at Cowgirl Up!

  10. Just saw this was featured at Ivy Cottage. Yay for you.

  11. Hi, I'm so happy to have found your lovely blog. The flowers in the window are gorgeous. I found you threw the Cowgirl Up party. I'm following your great blog and I hope you have the time to come follow me too @
    Also I host a shared party on Sundays we have a great turn out if you would like to come link up anything you have.
    Thank you so much

  12. Hi there! Found you at Cherie's blog hop. And I'm so glad I did. You are funny! Love this post and love your blog! I am your newest follower, will you follow me back?


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