Mar 13, 2012

Tulip Time Spring Mantel

Sunny and 76 degrees here today!!


This is Indiana!

average temps for March are 32-51 degrees

What does this mean for us Hoosiers? 

Will it be a 100 degree, hot, humid summer?

Beginning in April??

Is there still another blizzard hanging out in shadows...

just waiting to make it's surprise entrance?

Who knows?

Right now I'm just thankful for the gorgeous weather God is blessing us with! 
So Spring Fever is abundant around here!

Today I'm Sharon with mantel!

I love tulips...Spring flowers of all kinds...
but again good ole Kroger...
had the tulips...
3 bunches for 10.00...
you just can't go wrong!

The boxwood balls, I bought at Hobby Lobby
50 percent off

The brown wicker balls, I already had...and keep using them...I guess I'll keep em!

 these tulips are just springing up all over the place

The mantel looks so cheerful!

It makes me happy!

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Mantel!

God Bless


Still counting my Blessings...


The beautiful shining Sun

The Bright and Morning Star

Enjoying dinner out with a friend

The flowers popping up all around


  1. Your tulips are beautiful, they blend so well on your Mantel!

  2. What a lovely mantel and I must say you have gorgeous, clear, vibrant photos too. Wonderul =) So glad you could join the party!

  3. What a happy mantle you have created with those purdy purdy bright wonderful tulips!

    Lubs it!!

  4. Beautiful mantel. I love your tulips, so pretty and in my favorite color :) Saw your link at Fox Hollow Cottage's Spring Mantel party.


  5. KNEW we were kindred spirits, with our mutual love of the "Hob Lob" your mantel, love your blog!

  6. I love you mantel! It just says spring.
    Have a great day ,

  7. I so love spring, your mantel is beautiful! Very clever.
    I found you on the Its so Cheri blog hop and am now following you and would love a follow back:)

    My Turn (for us)

  8. Hi, I found you on Cheri's blog HOP. I am following you, please follow me.

  9. your mantel is beautiful...and happy like spring!
    i am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    i bet it smells great too!

  10. The flowers are gorgeous!

    I am following the linky follower party hop. I am now following you on GFC and Linky Follower. Hope you follow me.

  11. Hi Sharon...

    Tulips are my favorite flower. The perfect spring statement. Your mantel looks lovely and so very cheerful! I have St Pat's items on my mantel now but after the 17th...spring will be sprung all over it! Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for stopping by 21 Rosemary Lane!
    Following you now too!

  12. Your tulip filled mantel is lovely and I really loved your copy cat kitchen window on your previous post!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my mantel. :)

  13. The mantel is lovely. I was already a linky follower, but signed up as a GFC follower also.

  14. I love your spring mantel! Gorgeous photography too. I'm a Michigander and it's supposed to by 80 degrees today. Trees are already sprouting their leaves and flowers are blooming! I sure hope this weather lasts and we don't get a frost but then I don't have any control over that so I'll just enjoy this marvelous weather with no worries! Love your blog! I'm a new linky follower.


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