Dec 21, 2011

Candle Sweaters

Well, Hello again!
Tonight I should have been  cleaning, wrapping, baking…just about anything other than crafting…but I couldn’t help myself!
I have been seeing these adorable candle sweaters, cozy’s, covers…whatever you want to call them….all over the place…and I had been wanting to make some for myself.
Have you seen them?

Source: via Becky on Pinterest

So between my trip to goodwill and the stack of stuff that I was going to take to Goodwill, I came up with a couple of sweaters and 3 glass containers that I thought would work.

 The jars 

I grabbed some trim, some buttons, bells, and even some jewelry from my jewelry box, along with other supplies like our friend the glue gun.

Along with a cup of hot cocoa

and off to work I went!  
I start chopping off sleeves
Got my jars covered...which worked fine except for 1 jar where the sleeve was big and baggy...I decided that it was just to sloppy and I ended up taking it in...which I really did not want to have to in the future, I think I will use bigger glass containers!
Anyway I took it off, turned it inside out, hand stitched it...cut off the excess...then flipped it right side out again, and slid it back into place.

As you can see the bottom also needs to be stitched,
I just used a large gathering hand stitch, 
to pull it tight underneath the jar.

Now for the fun part...

Just use your imagination!
I used things that I had and came up with 3 adorable candles...
each one different...
they almost begin to take on their on little personalities!
Here they are...

Their so easy to make...
there are endless possibilities on shapes, and design...
Their inexpensive...
They can be out all winter...
and they are so stinkin cute!!!
Which one is your favorite?

Have a very Merry Christmas!!
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  1. Sooooo beautiful!!!!!
    Greetings from Belgium(Europe)

  2. I'm so doing this! Beautiful! Love the embellishing! xo

  3. This is a terrific idea! Your vases look wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing the season at Potpourri Friday! May you have a Merry Christmas and the Happiest of Holidays!

  4. These are just way too cute, Sharon! What a wonderful way to beautify plain glass containers...and reuse old sweaters to boot! ;)

    Hope to see at Time Travel Thursday this week!

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  5. Oh I love the fur and big jingle bell!!!! These are too cute! Great job!

  6. Those turned out just great! I love how you embellished them.

  7. I love your ideas, Sharon! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  8. All are wonderful, Sharon. What a terrific assortment of terrific finds. Merry Christmas!! I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Hugs, Gayle

  9. I absolutely LOVE these and am going to try to make one :)

  10. SO cute! They look perfectly wintery. Your embellishments add just the right amount of bling. Happy Holidays!!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog

  11. Sharon this is an amazing idea. I will be hitting the Goodwill for my sweaters asap. I would love it if you would share this inspirational post at our linky party.

    Paula, your newest follower

  12. Cuteness! (The hand stitching part makes me break out in hives. Just being honest.) Merry Christmas!

  13. Loved this and had to pin it! It's getting a lot of repins tonight <3

  14. Those sweater candles are soooo pretty!!! I am a new follower.
    Holly @ down to earth style

  15. Love these!! Following from Beneath My Heart-stop by for a visit!!

  16. Hi,
    I have not seen these where I live near Seattle. I LOVE them! Everyone here knits so I was thinking you probably knit them and clicked on to take a look at how hard they were to make....but I love how easy these are!! They look beautiful and I bet they just glow when lit with a candle. You probably have to be careful to make sure the knit is slightly below the top in case a candle got out of hand...for safety sake. But, I LOVE the look of these. You could also just cover them with rhinestone pins. I see a lot of possibilities. I am going to make some of these for next year. is an about getting red sweaters and doing some Valentine ones! You could find heart pins and put on there. my mind is going. I enjoyed visiting your blog today. Sandy at Delightful Eclectic Abode is a close blogging friend of mine. She is participating in the linky today. I discovered your blog while visiting her post. Thanks for sharing this. Come visit me at my blog, Bluebirds and Butterflies, sometime and have a beautiful day! xoxo Kim

  17. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments!! You all are so talented, and I have enjoyed each one of your blogs! Hope you can visit again!


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