Dec 6, 2011

Christmas Kitchen Window

Debbiedoo's is having a Copy Cat Christmas Party!!

A while back...I ran across this picture on pinterest


I loved the simplistic classic look of it!

Plus it is the same picture Debbiedoo herself used to copy...
and beautifully I might add...
but I know that I saw it first! Ha! HA!

My intent was not to copy it exactly...until I was invited to Debbiedoo's party...
because now I CAN copy and totally show it off at the party!

One of the most challenging parts of blogging for pictures!
It takes me forever to figure out which ones I want to I'm not going to be selective...I'm just going to show you a whole slew of them!  
It's amazing how many views and angles you can take of one single little window!

Here is my copy cat version....

Doesn't need much explanation

Some fresh greenery...

some ornaments and snowflakes...

some candle holders and a silver bird


Hi...see me there in the my jammies
Next time I'll remember to get a makeover...before a photo shoot of reflective objects!


I love this beautiful bird! I just purchased it (actually 2 of them) for my dining room table scape, so I am actually on the prowl for a bright red cardinal to replace him...I am missing my traditional red (just a touch of it) in this window that would be the perfect punch of color!

Oh and there I am in the bird'll just bring ya in a little closer!

oh....maybe you might like this angle?

note to self....dry and buff your sink the next time you take a picture of your window!

I liked the pots next to the sink in the original photo...I happened to have these silver tea pots in storage...I went through a time of collecting vintage silver at yard I dug them out. 
I love bling at Christmas and I always love vintage and cheap so I think they are a great copy cat 
version of the originals!

This next picture is a good example of the dreary-ness of the day!
However imagine with me, if you will, those trees, especially the pines...covered in that will make a purdy picture!

And there you have it!

Now, why don't you follow me on over to the party!

 here is the source for the original photo


  1. Sharon I'm just thrilled that you decided to pay me a visit because it brought me to your delightful blog. Your home is just stunning and I can't wait to go back a browse around some more with my cup of coffee. Following you back!

  2. You Rock Sharon! I am very impressed there my friend. Not only are pictures awesome, but the copy cat is spot on with your own twist. I am telling you if editors are out there looking, I think this party will make them fear their jobs LOL! Thanks for sharing and joining in on the fun.

  3. very nice Sharon ... love all the silver. You did a great job. Christmas Blessings. Audrey Z.

  4. Beautiful! I would expect nothing less from you! You have a natural talent, I am gald to be a follower and of course your sister-n-law! Love ya!

  5. Beautiful! I would expect nothing less from you! You have a natural talent, I am gald to be a follower and of course your sister-n-law! Love ya!

  6. Absolutely luv it !! Gorgeous. Maybe another pic when theres snow outside that window :)

  7. Looks great! I love that window. Now following you. Stop by for a visit soon.

  8. Sharon, I found your blog over at Debbie's after she featured your beautiful Christmas window. -Love everything about your window and your "tucked in a box" silver teapots are beautiful . Glad you decided to bring them out for Christmas :-) Plus you are too funny!


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