Dec 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

Welcome Friends!
Sitting in front of a roaring fire this evening...glad its Friday...and looking forward to a 3 day weekend!  I had a 5 day weekend last weekend...but traveled to Michigan...and had Christmas parties 3 of the 5 days...lots of hustle it feels good knowing I have 3 days off!
Tomorrow I will get up and begin the process of removing the Christmas along with the fire...I am enjoying the "twinkle" one last night.

I'm contemplating 2012 and setting some goals. 

First I want to spend more time with God
in prayer and Bible
Spend more time with family...
near and far. 
That means heading to Michigan more often to see parents and siblings 
heading to Arkansas more often to see my Arkansas son and daughter-in-law
and of course the ones that live nearby
I want to spend as much time as possible with my precious grand babies!

then I want to get myself on tract as far as health...which means eating healthy...and the dreaded exercise...
yes I said dreaded...
exercise does not come easy for me!
I have already talked about my battles with health and weight here

Now for projects I would like to get done in 2012...the list is long!

 wood floors

 Board and Baton

  Maybe some bead board...

 Put a fresh coat of paint on every wall...
doors and trim too for that matter...

  Paint my shutters...

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

.....and my pillars
...and change out the outside lights 

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

paint some furniture...

Do some craft projects...

Source: via Sharon on Pinterest

Last but not least...
and probably not really last...
clean and organize every nook and cranny 
of my home! 
(and if you know me...stop laughing!)

So...that about covers it...
keeping in mind I work full time...
and I have a hubby who's response to any renovation project is 
"let's move"
we shall see how much I get accomplished.
Hope you'll follow along...
and hold me accountable!
Have a safe and

 New Year’s Reality Check
Another year, another chance
To start our lives anew;
This time we’ll leap old barriers
To have a real breakthrough.
We’ll take one little step
And then we’ll take one more,
Our unlimited potential
We’ll totally explore.
We’ll show off all our talents
Everyone will be inspired;
(Whew! While I’m writing this,
I’m getting very tired.)
We’ll give up all bad habits;
We’ll read and learn a lot,
All our goals will be accomplished,
Sigh...or maybe not.
Oh well, Happy New Year anyway!
By Joanna Fuchs


  1. Hi Sharon, thanks for your visit! I am enjoying your blog, you have great style and a beautiful home. I love your ideas for the new year, I have some of the same aspirations! I'll be following along to see how you do. Take care and have a very Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! May you have much success with your projects and plans :-) I opened this page but was immediately called away as it was time to get the puffed apple pancake out of the oven and eat with my family. I must say that we much enjoyed the music from your website over our breakfast together! Thank you!

  3. I wish you success in achieving your goals!

    Thank you for for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!


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