Dec 4, 2011

A fun day with Buddy-Boo...

Little Buddy-Boo came to spend the day with Gramma...
Buddy-Boo is my oldest sons child...and my first born grandchild (by 3 whole weeks!) 
He turned 2 at the end of August.

Everything we have in this world is a gift from God, but grandchildren have to be the best gift of all! 
Each of my 3 little guys are so unique...
with their own little personalities...
and I am enjoying getting to know each one of them as these personalities develop right before my eyes.

Buddy Boo is an active little thing...after all...he is 2! 

Here he is at the Christmas tree...

Playing with the ornaments...talking to them...
with the magic of Christmas....
Well...I just know I heard Frosty asking for some hot cocoa!

We went outside for awhile...we had to feed and play with Trapper...

No we don't feed our dog coffee...that is our fancy smancy dog food scooper!

We played kickball...

We picked up sticks...

We ran around amongst the pines...

Oh...the pines...
that reminds me Buddy-Boo...
Gramma wants to make a fresh wreath for the front door...lets stop and cut some...

then let's plop down into the middle of the prickly pile...ouch Gramma!

on our way back up the basement stairs, Buddy Boo found something that Grampa left there...
"What's that Buddy Boo"?

"Piggy Food" says Buddy Boo...

so he's saving it for his Piggy!

Talking to the ornaments again...

Time for a snack...

I found a cute idea for Christmas Rice Krispie Treats here

What better time than now...
so off to Walmart for the supplies...

now lets get started...

oops....we're a little messy Buddy Boo!

Now for the fun part!

Oh Yeah!  Sugar Fingers are soooo good!

Mommy and Daddy are gonna love Gramma!
sugar, sugar, sugar!

Gramma LOVES sugar Kisses!


Here are our little Christmas Master pieces...

Good enough to eat...cute enough to hang on the tree!!

Had a great day Buddy Boo...come see Gramma again soon!

Still Counting my Blessings:


A very nice Thanksgiving with family coming together from 3 different states!

Hearing “I Love you sooo0 much!”
from a 2 year old, 20 times in 1 day

A pair of green frog boots…loved by both 2 year old grandsons…picked up at a yard sale for 1.00…that are  perfect for those muddy areas on our property!

I am blessed by my children who are doing awesome jobs  at raising their children

A daughter in law, that inspires me in spite of the tough time and great sadness she is experiencing
(I will post about that possibly tomorrow)

Please go hug someone you love today and tell them
“I love you soooo much!”
No one is guaranteed make sure to do it today! 

I love you soooo much!
God Bless!

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  1. Love the blog !!! Can't get better than a day with a grandchild :)And I just picked up the stuff to make rice krispie Christmas tree balls...haven't made them yet. Yours turned out great. Looks like your little one enjoyed them! Love this season and cherish each day ! I'm with ya Sharon :)

  2. GREAT photos!! He's so cute!!! I love the Rice Krispie treats. They look great!!

    About my kitchen color, I do love it. I think it's bluer than I wanted because of my oak cabinets. I still love it though. I always feel that it's only paint and can be changed relatively easily and cheaply. Grey is one of the hardest colors to pick though!!!

  3. OK, I'm totally going to have to try the rice crispy balls. Those are too cute! Fun times with the blog. It will be a great way to keep up with what's going on in your life. I subscribed to the RSS feed, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch.

  4. Hey Linda...I see you made the Christmas tree balls much fun!

  5. Julie thanks so much for stopping by...and thanks for leaving the comment! I love to get them...each one is like opening a little gift!

  6. "Sweet Tater" loved his rice krispy ornament from "Buddy Boo!" How fun!

  7. This is precious, Sharon. Your pictures of your grandchild are wonderful! Thank you for linking your wonderful post to Potpourri Friday!


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