Jan 27, 2013

Just catching up...

So...What have I been up to in the last 6 months you ask??

Oh...you didn't?

Well, I'll give you the  quick version...
  just to get us caught up...

The floors are in...what an a ordeal!!
All of my indecisiveness was worth it, because even though I did not get what I originally wanted...I know I made the best choice for this house...

and and I love them!!

 2nd annual girls weekend...
  to one of my favorite places

we had a great time!!!!

If you've never been...you should!

Halloween with the Grand Wee Ones

They are so stinkin cute!!


with The Linen Tablecloth...

another year with this tradition
and you can read about that here

My family has grown!!!

 "Sweet Pea"

my 4th little grand baby...
the 1st little girl! 

I'm following a timeline here....
but of course "Sweet Pea" was the highlight!
She is a perfect little angel, and we are
 so blessed with our family!!!

came and went... 

 and it was one of the best ever!!

 Well...there you go...
the highlights of the last 6 months 
 in less than 6 minutes!

I've done a couple of projects...and will share those soon...as well as a lot more I want and NEED to do...so I hope you'll stop back by!

It sure is good to be back!!

God Bless,


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