Feb 9, 2013

Hey Girl!

 Since Valentines day is right around the corner...and MY Hunk is pretty darn special...

and because I know he's gonna love me plastering his face all over this blog...

I've decided to join in the on the
"Hey Girl"

If you're in the loop...you've seen the Hey Girl Memes with Ryan Gosling over on Pinterest?

Me...not really in the loop I guess...I had no idea about them until I popped in on Sharon at
this morning and found out about the Hey Girl Linky party over at 
 view along the way

It looked like to much fun not to participate!

Let me just say...if you need a good laugh today...head on over and check out all of the links...some are quite clever...and very comical!

So Bob...this is for you...cause I love you...you're my hunk...and you're such a trooper and you put up with all my shenanigans...

and besides...

 you're not here to stop me! 


What a guy...all his "Trophy's" are in the basement...
while I have all other 15 rooms for my "addiction"!

Yeah Baby and their comfortable too!

Last but not least...

and because according to him...we've lost square footage due to all of the layers of paint on our walls!

Smile Bob!
You're on candid camera!

I love you!


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