Oct 15, 2011

The Linen Tablecloth

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. A time when friends and family will come together for fun, food and traditions. I love the Holidays…and Thanksgiving…is my Holiday. We can have anywhere from 15 people on up to 25.   

I’d love to have a big fancy table, with fine china and stemware…

but we really just are not a fancy people…

we are a lazy people! 

So we use paper…sorry…it’s just the way we roll. 

Here is our table from a few years ago

This is about as fancy as it gets!

So…this post isn’t about fancy tablecloths and fancy dishes silver flatware & crystal stemware. Instead it is about 1 simple linen tablecloth and a tradition that started about 10 years ago.  

I purchased a linen tablecloth at an auction…nobody else seemed  to want the old linen tablecloth so I paid practically nothing for her.  I had her for a few years…and still the linen tablecloth never got used (remember we are not a fancy people)  but one day I got an idea…maybe I read about it or saw it on a tv show…I really don’t remember, but I got the inspiration to use the linen table cloth.  We didn't use her for a traditional table covering, but after dinner was all cleaned up and put away  that's when our linen tablecloth come out. 

The first year…the people... (mostly the little people)... mocked the linen tablecloth…they thought it was “stupid”…to have this linen tablecloth at our Thanksgiving get together…but year after year the linen tablecloth was brought out after dinner. Everyone began to enjoy the linen tablecloth…you might even say that people began to look  forward to seeing her make an appearance every year!  She was invited to stay longer and longer so people could admire her…The linen tablecloth has changed over the years, it doesn’t look as pristine as it once did…it has been handled to many times now…but she is beautiful!

One year the linen tablecloth was forgotten…it was the one year we decided to go to Michigan for thanksgiving…we forgot her in the old sideboard …and to this day…we are saddened by the fact that we forgot our little linen tablecloth. I know how much she missed by not being with us that Thanksgiving…she would have been enriched by spending time with our extended family...and would have carried a piece of them back home with her.  

Our little linen tablecloth holds so many memories now…

she is filled with memories...

Art work...

Baby hand turkey's & scribbles 




Anna...you're such a kidder


the once unwanted linen tablecloth is worth quite a bit to us.

She is a one of a kind linen tablecloth.

Thankful for Blessings
36 - 40
Family and friends coming for Thanksgiving
A get together with friends
A heartfelt conversation with a friend
A nice luncheon with coworkers
Feeling the Holy Spirit working in me

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! I love it. Very creative and special to each and every one. Thanks for coming by. I have followed you back.:)

  2. This is just the best idea! I really think Thanksgiving is the best holiday. No gifts, everyone compliments you on your cooking and the weather usually cooperates. Last year I had an fire on my brand new oven so we had no dessert. Never a dull moment! Keep that tableclothe forever!

    Robin Flies South

  3. Sherry, I am so glad you stopped by and thanks so much for being my newest follower!

  4. Robin, Thanksgiving IS the best Holiday! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I went to your blog a bit ago...left you a message...and I am now one of your newest followers! Look forward to seeing all of your tablescapes!

  5. This is great. So wonderful to see familiar names on it too! Sandy

  6. As one of the yearly signers on this tablecloth I must comment! I have been on there every year and have watched myself grow up on the tablecloth...I think my first signing was when I was still in high school! So wonderful to have my son leave his mark on this tablecloth now! and this year will be the first year for my second child to leave his mark!

  7. I love, love, love this! What a sweet way to keep memories and have a fun tradition!

  8. What a wonderful keepsake you have created. Every other year my daughter and her husband host all of the family - my parents, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. I need to look for a tablecloth like this for her to use in 2012. It would become priceless - just like yours.

  9. Thanks for sharing your lovely tradition over at Post Road! I may have to 'steal' this idea! Such a good one :)


  10. Hi Sharon. What a novel idea. That tablecloth is no longer just a table covering, it is part of the family. I found and am following you through Debbie's Newbie Party and hope to stop by more often. Please visit my blog also. I would love that. Hugs, Chris

  11. Sharon , What a fabulous tradition . I had to chuckle at several of the pictures. :-) Thanks for sharing

  12. What a wonderful tradition! Such warm memories. It must be fun to go through and read all the little comments and doodles each year. Thanks for sharing.

    I'm hosting my monthly Before Blogging Throwback Thursdays party and would love it if you'd come and share something you made/did/bought sometime before blogging. Can't wait to see what you share at the party.


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