Jun 27, 2012

ROCKIN and rollin in the Motor City...

Yard sales have been few and far between this year.
Saturdays have been so busy,
 I have just not had the time to go.
Saturday...while in Michigan...they were EVERYWHERE!!
I was able to stop at just 2 of them!

one of them proved to be fruitless

however the other one
had amazing stuff!!!

I would have like to have purchased several things...
the first being the house!
The front yard was beautifully landscaped
 and the backyard...
was Lake St. Clair!

or the 4 piece set of parson's chairs...I've been looking for some for my dining room

one of several very large wooden bird cages...she had several...for sale...and many more scattered throughout her gardens

a large area rug that would have looked great 
on my new hardwood floors
(still waiting for arrival and installation, by the way)

and a small vintage wooden rocker...
the rocker was a larger child rocker
the lady at the sale (probably in her 50's maybe even 60's) said it had belonged to her mother

I wanted it bad...

but unfortunately we would not be able to get 
any of this home with me...since our vehicle 
was full of pack-n-plays and other such 
grandchild paraphernalia,

I left a wee bit disappointed...

but quickly turned around...
I just had to have that little vintage rocker...
even if I had to leave it at my mom's 
until the next visit.

I'm glad I went back...

we were able to get it home...even if we might 
have looked like the Clampett's doing so.

And here is it...

look at the perfect cane seat

I don't know...and don't really care

It is the perfect addition to my recently 
refreshed front porch!
Just 15.00
And I didn't even have to bring out the spray paint!
don't ya love finding a treasure like that!

ok...so in my rush to show you...
I see that I forgot to even wipe it down...
I'm heading straight out to do that now!

 It is absolutely gorgeous outside today!!
I have been enjoying it.
I know the heat and humidity is headed 
up to record highs around here...

Stay cool!
until next time...


  1. Loved this post, Sharon- and I completely understand your needing to go back for that amazing and adorable rocker.

    It is a true treasure.

    Well done, good choice.

  2. I love the rocker. It is very pretty. Sometimes when you see somethings you have to go back and get it.


  3. Perfect! The pillow is from IKEA. Even though I purchased mine they still have it; it is sort of a signature piece. And it only 19.99 !http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80112640/

  4. So glad you went back for the rocker. It looks so pretty on your porch.
    Visiting from Ivy and Elephants


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