Jun 26, 2012

Buddy Boo Recovered Pictures 1

Spending the morning at the park with Buddy Boo

Simple Pleasures!

we crawled through the mouth's of animals

and we were swinging...

we played music...

we played dress up...

We went on the slides

Grandpa got into the action too!

We rode dinosaurs...

We drove a choo choo train...

We looked through a porthole

We threw rocks off the bridge into the water...

"I very love the bridge Grandma!"
(said with the total excitement of a 2 year old)

Ok...so whilst at the park...I decided to go on the slide with Buddy Boo, when suddenly my big booty seemed to get lodged...
not that BIG yellow slide...
the one I was on was red...and it was a 
Geeze you'd think they made these slides for 2 year olds or something! 
Now Buddy Boo and I were holding hands...
and I was trying to keep up with him 
as he was moving at a much faster pass then I...
due to some neighborhood prankster oiling his side of the slide, 
while putting glue on mine!

That had to be it!

you little hooligan

but I was booty walking running down the slide...trying to keep up...when suddenly my rubber soled flip flopped foot, stopped...and my booty kept going, until slamming into the back of my flip flopped foot...now the back of my foot...has not been able to reach this booty of mine for about 32 years...and it should have not done so this day either! Thank goodness, I am the one usually taking the pictures, and this sight was not captured  on camera!

I limped for several days afterward...

It was worth it...

Besides...I work for an orthopedic surgeon...


What a beautiful day...
at a beautiful park...
beautiful memories...
simple pleasures!

We love you "sooooooo" much Buddy Boo!
Thanks so much for stopping by today!
Still counting my Blessings
Recovered pictures, lasting memories

My 2 year old grandson, going on 5

A beautiful day to enjoy the park

Simple pleasures, like a swing and a slide

Last but certainly not least!
God is blessing us all with a new baby…
Buddy Boo will soon be a big brother!!!
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  1. Sharon,
    What a fun day! Oh I remember those days with my daughter the times just slips by.He is lucky to have fun and cool Grandparents.Thanks for visiting.Have a great day!

  2. What a nice park you visited! Will you be mad if I tell you I laughed at the end of your story - but only after I found out you were okay!

  3. Nothing like a day at the park! And nothing like a day with a grandson :) Be careful next time Grammy....LOL ...Linda


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