Jun 1, 2012


I am frozen in fear!

fickle as the day is long!

Plain ole STUCK!

I can't seem to decide on my floors...
so I am asking for your opinions!

Who else could help me...except for you! 
You guys are awesome!

So here are a ton of pictures...in a couple of different rooms...but it is night...so you are seeing them with overhead lighting...and no natural lighting.

All the floors are numbered...
here is the list of what kind of wood they are...

1, 2, 3, 5 and 8 are all Hand Scraped Maple in different colors

4 is Hand Scraped Walnut

6 is an exotic smooth plank African Mahogany

7 is smooth plank Red Oak

9 is Hand Scraped Hickory

so please "vote" so to speak in your comment

Do you like the lighter shades...or darker???

Here are some of my thoughts...
the darker floors...are rich looking...but will they be too dark in my house?...will probably show dirt  quicker??? Love them with the white trim...but my kitchen might be to dark.

the med tones...not as "rich" looking...kind of orangey looking...but won't make the house look as dark...won't show dust and footprints as quickly as the dark...

the smooth plank mahogany is an exotic...which means I could have more of an issue with shrinkage??? more formal looking??...we are not formal...but I like the color...maybe to reddish???   

The oak floors...very traditional...maybe to boring...overused if you will...or maybe the safest bet??

I like the idea of Hand Scraped...they seem like the best choice to hide scratches or other mishaps, plus I just like the character...and that little bit of rustic.

I am driving my self crazy!!

Here you go...a ton of pictures!!

What do you think???

 Not to sway you...but 8 and 9 are my least favorite...because from an angled distance...they just look too dark!

I have wanted hardwood floors for so long...who would have ever thought that I would have such a hard time picking them out???

Can't wait to hear from you!


  1. I vote for number 7...the oak, Sharon, because that's what I have throughout my whole home, and haven't gotten sick of it, yet! Oak is also the toughest, I think...so there's my vote! But I really do love the darker ones, too...ooops, that could confuse you more...sorry!

  2. I was just talking to my daughter the other day about this. She cleans houses for a living and she said she couldn't understand why anyone would put down DARK flooring. It shows every little thing, and always looks like it needs sweeping or mopping. Also, I think the flooring should not match the cabinets, that's too much. So my vote is to narrow it down to some of the lighter woods.

  3. Its hard to pick one from a pic but I also think the dark ones show too much and would be alot of work. I wouldnt pick one that was shiny either. Does Bob have a favorite? Maybe you could narrow it down to just a few and look at them in the different lighting throughout the day & evening... I personally think everything you decorate always looks fabulous Sharon !!

  4. I am having this same problem, I like #7.It's not too dark and not too light .

  5. Sharon,

    I just did this -selecting flooring for our family room. It can be overwhelming choosing a flooring. I asked myself the following questions which led me to my final decision.

    How much wear will the space receive? (kids, pets, high traffic area)

    How much time am I willing to invest in their care and maintenance? (low, high)?

    How much light does the space recieve? (both natural and artificial)

    Hopefully answering this questions for yourself will help you decide.

    But above all, the great feature of hardwood is that you can refinish it down the road and completely update and change it's appearance.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and check out our new floors.

    Thanks for sharing,

  6. I like 5...hope this helps in some small way!

  7. Sharon, How exciting that you are getting new floors. I'm with you on the decisions. So daunting, but look how far you've come. At least you have all the samples. You're getting somewhere! I say a little contrast with the cabinets is good, but too much orange might be overwhelming. You'll do well and love it whatever you pick. Thanks for stopping at Quirky Vistas and leaving me a truly encouraging comment. I'd be honored if you copied the Rascal completely. He'll enjoy having a cousin somewhere! Come visit again sometime!

  8. I like #2, it goes well with the cabinetry nut not an exact match so your cabinets still stand out. Plus it is a wide plank as opposed to #7 which is a slim plank (more edges for crap to get stuck in) and it feels more "homey" to me. I love a rustic, cabin/cottage kind of look so the character of #2 is what does it for me. #7 feels like it is the basic, builder grade throw it down with no thought to character or individuality kind of thing.

  9. Well, I'm a "boring" oak person, but I have it throughout my house in about the same tone as #7. I LOVE IT! I've never been sorry I chose it. I can't imagine selecting a darker color than #7, the dust will show in one day! Good Luck!....found you over at The Thrifty Groove.

  10. LOVE #1!!! You can't go wrong with NUMBER ONE!! So what if it's dark? It's no biggy and don't sweat the small stuff. Besides that,they really match and accent the cabinets!!

    that's the color I have in my home and I wouldn't change them for the world and I have a very light colored dog that sheds a lot. Oh well! I am sweeping/vacuuming, but you would have to do the same thing regardless of the color of the wood! Trust your instinct and get what you want, no matter if it's dark, light, medium!

    Don't worry too much about them, any wood flooring is better than tile or carpet anyday!! They will transform the room and make you feel like dancing any day!

  11. #2, 3, 5 & 7 are rather ugly if you ask me.

    I would stick with #1, #6, or #9,
    just pick one of those as they are all
    beautiful and you can't go wrong.

  12. I think number 7 would be great with your cabinets and it is such a classic look...the look of red oak has long withstood the test of time.

  13. Hi -- so nice to meet you! I like number 8 -- but I haven't seen the rest of your house.

    You are so nice to go through the old posts -- it is always such a pleasure to know that someone is reading. You have no idea.

  14. I am a little late to chime in....
    I like #1....
    In fact I would love to know the brand...lovely..
    I am so petrified to get new flooring, that I hae put new floors on hold...holding on to the carpet for another year or so...so I totally understand your feeling.
    But, If i get to do new floors...I'd choose #1

  15. #1 is my pick - loving your blog~

  16. Sharon! I can see why you are overwhelmed with the choices. My head was spinning after looking at all the photos. I'd probably go with something ligher than your cabinets. Love the dark wood floors but I know that would show everything! Sometimes when there are too many choices it gets hard. Can't wait to see what ou eventuallly go with. Wood in my kitchen is my dream someday. I have red oak in the rest of my home and love it.

  17. I think 2 or 7. They are both lighter but I love the grain on no. 7 more. I wouldn't pick one too similar to your kitchen cupboards not unless you are thinking of painting them. Also from experience I have learnt that the floors do go slightly darker once you have laid them. Your home looks lovely! take care, Maryann

  18. I can't make up my mind either. First I would take out the two you know you don't like. Then I would start with 2 more and choose your favorite between those two and keep eliminating one. Think about when the eye doctor shows you different lenses. You know, is this one better or is this one? hehehe I hope that helps - clear as mud, right?


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