Oct 4, 2011

Missing Family...

***Today a new day dawns...the sun is shinning...it is a beautiful fall day that God has given me...here are my thoughts from last night...I guess I never hit the publish button...so I will now.
I hope you have a Blessed day!!

Oct 3, 2011

16 years ago my husband took a job in another state. We had to move away from our family and friends... from Michigan to Indiana...a six hour drive away from everything and everyone we loved. It was a scary time... and an exciting time for us. We found ourselves in a small town, we loved it here right away. We became members of an amazing church, with great friends.

I find myself missing Michigan more and more as time goes by. Our parents are older now, and they don't get to visit us as often as they once did. My children have grown up and are married. They have moved away from our town. 2 of my children and their families still live in nearby towns, and one lives in Arkansas...a good 9 hour drive away. I miss them terribly...and it makes me realize how my mom and dad must of felt when I moved away from them, and took 3 of their grandchildren with me. It's harder to be the one left behind...the one who doesn't have a choice in the matter.

I'm thinking about all of this tonight, because we just returned this evening from visiting my middle child and his wife in Arkansas. My daughter, and her 2 children went with my husband and myself. Now she and the kids have continued on back to their home.

The house is quiet ...my husband has gone to pick up the dog at a friends...I'm feeling a bit down. We had such a great time...but the reality of having the family split up over many miles hurts tonight! 

My Arkansas son will be home for Thanksgiving...as will my other children too. My sister and her family...my mom and dad...as well as some of my husbands family are all planning on being here...and that is just a few short weeks away. Something to look forward to!

There is NOTHING more precious to me then time spent with my family! I may not have always felt that way...maybe not when I was young...but I do now! Friends come and go in this life...but family will always be there...there is nothing more precious than ones family! 

still counting my blessings....

Family near and far
A Heavenly Father who is always there, even in your loneliest moments!
A safe trip to Arkansas and back
 A son and daughter-n-law who always opens their home to our family
Coming home and finding my mums still alive


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