Sep 25, 2011

Capturing ghostly images....(and memories)

Take one camera…that you have no idea how to use (except on auto…sorta)

Turn some rockin music on the tv...

Turn out all other lights in the house...

Bring in ghost...disguised as a 2 year old...

Give him and yourself each a flashlight...

dance around the room and laugh a lot...

Give hubby the camera…and ask him to give it his best shot...


Wha-la… like a charm!

 Counting my Blessings

13.  a free Saturday to do what I want
14.  dancing in the dark with a flashlight
15. spending time with some family
16.  my 4 month old grandson’s sweet smile
17.  a trip to the nursery for mums, with the hubby
18.  my moms enjoyment at receiving pictures I sent her of her 3 Great Grandchildren

 Hope you had a great day today!

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