Sep 23, 2011


If you’re like me...sometimes it’s hard to realize just how much we’re blessed.  Sometimes, life’s problems get us down, and they just get in the way of joy, and definitely take away our spirit of gratitude for all of the Blessings that God has bestowed on us! Sometimes we don’t stop long enough to “smell the roses” as they say…



I know, that I am a “cup half full” kind of person most some of the time…..but not always….sometimes it is a pity party over here…my glass is empty, and that grass over on the other side is sure looking better than mine.  I don’t like it…..but it’s true.  I am TRYING to be REAL here!     Our Heavenly Father never promised us a life here on earth without problems….but he did promise that we could come to him with our burdens….that he would bare them for us…that he would be there through it….he promised us joy and a peace beyond all understanding…. and he promised us a time when there would be no more problems…no more pain… no more tears.

One of my favorite bloggers that I follow has an ongoing list wherein she writes things she is grateful for.  That really impressed me…or impressed UPON me...the need to start one of my own.  I have decided to follow her lead and do the same thing!  No matter how bad my day might be, I am sure that if I think about it, I will come up with many more things to be truly grateful for, that normally I would just plain miss! I don’t know how long Elizabeth’s list is…or what number she’s shooting for…but right now I am going to shoot for 1000 things to be grateful for. That’s for starters anyway.  I plan on sharing them here on my posts as she does. I am so glad she has inspired me, what better way to really realize your blessings...then to purposefully look for them throughout your day.  I bet the more I focus on finding them…the less I’ll have to look!

I know you will also enjoy and be inspired by Elizabeth so you can find her HERE

1.   My Heavenly Father
2.   A husband I love more today than the day we married 
3, 4, & 5.   3 adult children who I am very proud of
.   6, 7, & 8.   2 daughter n law's and 1 son n law that I love
9. 10, & 11.   3 of the most adorable, loveable grand babies....ever! 
12.   It's Friday (can I use that every week)
I have my first 12
This was easy peasy
More  Blessings next time!



  1. We've been doing this in our bible study-all about trusting God when life hurts. The blessings always GREATLY out weigh the burdens!

  2. What you're saying about "Blessings" is so true !!Pray to always see them & not miss any because of "Stuff" !

  3. I know Linda...we really do take for granted so many of our blessings...and don't even see them as such. Thanks for your comments!


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