Sep 21, 2011

Alvin Update....Garden of the Gods

Hey There! Well here I am on my second post….I didn’t think I would ever get this going. Thanks to Sara and Elizabeth for the comments and of course my daughter who commented on my tester post….does she count? LOL!

So far, no more sightings of our Chipmunk squatter.  As of right now, Hunter Hubby is not having any luck!  We can’t find the little thing, though I think I heard him in the basement yesterday….unless of course there is more than one of them. SHUT MY MOUTH!  Haven’t heard him since though, so I am SURE he has left the same way he came in……ok…..I know, I know….but anything it takes to keep me calm!
Anyway, on to a new topic. Several weeks ago, I bought myself a little gift. A new camera....oh yah!!
I have been wanting one ever since my first grand baby was born 2 years ago, but I just couldn’t justify spending the money, since I already had a camera that took pretty good pictures, for a nothing special camera.  Finally....Sadly...the camera quit working….so I was forced....FORCED I tell you.... to go out and get a Cannon t2i. I am so excited! So far, I really do not know how to use it, but I am going to be starting a class in a couple of weeks…through a local college….and following that class, I will take another one on Photoshop.
This purchase, is one of the reasons that I started this blog. I am looking forward to seeing my photos go from just ok… AWESOME!! I can’t wait to see the progress.
Not long after I got the camera….The Great Hunter Hubby and I ........

...........went on a little overnight trip, down to southern Illinois to the Shawnee National Forest, specifically to The Garden of the Gods. The area is over 300 million years old.

The view was beautiful! The Rock Formations incredible!

As I stand and see all that is around me, I am truly amazed, once again, by God, our creator!

Had a wonderful day with the Hunter Hubby!
(even though it was 100+ degrees)





There are absolutely no rails anywhere around here, I hear that an average of one dies here every year!  People were climbing everywhere.....including Hunter Hubby!  I'm getting a bit nervous at this point!!

I like this picture....but not exactly sure why it stands out to me?

Ok......Hope you have enjoyed these because it just took me forever to get them loaded, then lose them, then load them again, then change the size, then move them, then try and figure out how to get spaces between the paragraphs, not figure it out, but manage to get some anyway....but not everywhere I want them. Then get ready to post....preview....and see that still, some of the photos that were on here, are not on here anymore!! Maybe next time, it's getting late. 
Hopefully it doesn't take me a couple of hours every time I try and post! LOL!

Glad you stopped by, Please come again!


  1. I'm leaving you a comment. It is the first one. Ever. Go me!

  2. First of all...awesome blog and pictures! Secondly, I hope you find the chipmunk before I come over next, I am picturing a Christmas Vacation scenario with the squirrel in the Christmas tree. Lastly...I ALWAYS COUNT! lol!

  3. Thanks for your comments makes me not feel so alone out in blog world.....

  4. Love this blog. Wonderful photos!


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