Jul 9, 2012

One thing leads to another...

(Disclaimer:  This post is filled with blurry pictures...of my kitchen, we are awaiting our hardwood floors to be put in...so most everything has been packed up...and I'm not cleaning anything else until they are in...so don't look close! Please don't judge me for the pink floors, as I did not pick them out...and we'll not discuss the fact that I allowed them to remain for the past 16 years! The pictures in this post will be considered before pics...because these rooms will be getting updated in the weeks, months years ahead!)

 So...I had an unexpected day off of work.
While putzin around the house...
I come up with a plan...

my Handsome RELUCTANT Assistant hates when I come up with a plan...

I called him at work...

not a good idea to call him at work...with a plan!

Me: "Let's move the sandwich counter thingy...
(this divides our kitchen from our great room) 
this would be the time to do it, since we're replacing the floor."

Handsome Reluctant Assistant: "I think you'd miss that counter" 

Me: "Well, I probably would if we just removed the counter...since we do use it once in awhile for something other than clutter...but I want to seal off the pantry too"
(the door right there by the counter)

Handsome Reluctant Assistant:  "Uh... NO"

Me: "Hear me out...we remove the sandwich counter, peninsula thingy...and seal up the pantry"
(which sets directly across from the table)

 This would open up the great room to the kitchen more...

and allow me to have a wall space to place a buffet or cabinet or shelves...in the kitchen. Also it will enable us to get a larger kitchen table, should we decide to so so.

H(R)A:  "You're crazy, what are you going to do with everything that's in the pantry?" 

ME: (I got this)  "Since we have a coat closet in the foyer...we'll turn the coat closet that's in the kitchen...into a pantry.

Yes that closet is a bit smaller...so the cabinet we remove, we can hang in the laundry room above the base (matching) cabinet.

It's more narrow...and about 1" shorter...so it will work perfectly! Besides...see that nick on the trim...you'll be saving me from having 
to cover that up!

  and any pantry overflow will fit nicely in there!

Then, Handsome Reluctant Husband...you can build us a closet in the mudroom...so we can use the mudroom more effectively. Instead of one huge  messy room...were we kick our shoes off...where we throw stuff we don't know what to do with...and pretty much ignore...yet always leave the door wide open! We can have a mudroom...with a nice closet inside the mudroom, to kick our shoes off into, and hide our stuff.

(remember these rooms are in line for a makeover once the new floors come in...so gone will be the ugly floors, the faux finish wall...and the fake painted brick stuff. 
Loved it back then...but it's time to go! Got some plans brewing...so stay tuned)

Handsome Assistant is in agreement...this plan is moving forward...I'll keep you posted...with lots of pictures along the way.
Me:  "Then after that...we can move the dishwasher over by the sink...get rid of the one short side of the u shaped work area...we'll have to get new counter-tops but then we can put a huge island in the middle of the kitch.....

Hey, if I go missing...
you might want to check the sealed off pantry in my kitchen...I seem to be hearing some mumbling about having a tiny room that I can decorate and re-decorate for the rest of my life!


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  1. Sharon,

    First of all you are hilarious and made me laugh and laugh - but seriously though? BRILLIANT design stragedies - all so much more smart and effective.

    I hope you can get what you want, it all makes so much more sense.

    Hope Handsome agrees, I know it isn't easy but right is might, and you are WAY RIGHT about this.

    Good luck, hon!!!!!

  2. hahaha - I love this post. You've obviously been thinking about these changes for some time. I wish I had your vision for improvements. I can't wait to follow along as your Handsome Assistant makes these changes.

  3. So funny! Sounds like a great plan to me. :)

    Now following!

  4. I'm with you on all of those moves. A great future living space.

  5. Hey,Sharon, thanks for joining me...can't wait for up coming posts! love your plans. Mary

  6. The little chip can be covered with a stain stick or sharpie that has stain or paint in it. It won't cover perfectly; it may take several coats, or look distressed, but it won't stand out as much. But maybe that end is not going to be seen anymore? The entire project is quite an undertaking!

  7. Haha, funny girl! Love your post, found you at Make the Scene Monday. Good Luck!!!

  8. I feel so similar to you. But you make me laugh. I make me cry. One of these days my kitchen will look the way I have it dreaming in my head. I'm your newest member. Come over and take a tour of my stuff, k? See ya!

  9. Oh I agree sounds like such a good plan! Look forward to seeing how it unfolds.

  10. I was laughing out loud while reading your post! It sounds very familiar. I think your plan is fantastic and I can't wait to see it progress. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! Stop by and check it out.


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