Jan 22, 2012

The Simple Things...

I was holding out for snow...though all of my other Christmas decorations were long gone...my wreaths remained on the windows outside. I was acting like a stubborn child who isn't getting what they want I suppose! I love snow...lots of snow...especially at Christmas...but we didn't get it this year...or least while I was here. I think Indiana did get some right after Christmas...but by this time I was in Michigan...with no snow...go figure!  I love the way the house looks with the wreaths and the snow...so I was gonna wait it out!  We have had major snow storms here in March...and by golly if I had to leave my wreaths up until March...dagonit...I was gonna do it!  Finally we got just a bit, not much...but some.  I was halfway down the driveway on my way to work when I figured, I best go take a picture...because the way it has been around here...snow today...gone tomorrow. So I ran in quickly to get the camera and snapped the picture.

Then...to make it even more exciting...a surprise visit!

Thank goodness I had my 2.00 yard sale find...the little blue sled!

We bundled Sweet Tator up in his camo snowsuit...added the non matching...but warmer hat and mittens...and off we went out back.  

  We looked all over until we found the smallest hill we could find for the little guy...oh yeah...we only have one hill...but boy it's the perfect size for a 2 year old Sweet Tator!

So off to do a little sledding...
One of the Simple Things...

Oh by the way...Tator Tot was here too...he wasn't feeling up to par...a bit of a cold...so he stayed inside...but here's a peek at him...I cropped out the boogers!

Still Counting my Blessings…
Having the opportunity  to know Richard. Who I know I will see again one day.
A Heavenly Father who comforts us
Freshly fallen snow
Sledding with a grandson
A delicious bowl of white bean chicken chilli

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  1. I love his happy little sledding face! What a perfect moment to have captured.

  2. oh my...the look on his face is just priceless!! :) what fun! thanks for linking up with the simple things this week.

  3. Your grandsons are simply ADORABLE, Sharon!!! Tater's smile sledding down that hill just made my day...thank you!

  4. I cannot stop smiling and tearing up at the same time. I will l click on this a million times! Sandy

  5. What a great day this must have been for you! I'm still waiting for snow here in VA. If we get it, my granddaughter won't be able to get over here for a sledding day like you had. Lucky you.


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