Nov 18, 2011

50 Sucks!

Hello There!

 Just thought I would share this little silly gift that I whipped up 
for a co-worker who will be turning 50 tomorrow. 

It only took about 5 minutes! Just a little somthin...

I used an old container that has been in my craft room for years...
waiting for a re-purpose.
It already had the foam on the inside and the ribbon on the outside.
I just added 50 suckers, and the little sign,
using  a wooden skewer and some scrapbooking paper. 
I think it's cute and good for a giggle or two.

Happy Birthday Diana
Sorry they're not chocolate! 

These pictures are so's late...
and they & the blog post were an after thought...
I should be in bed!

Check out the party at 2805 

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  1. That is a cute idea. I think I will borrow it for my sister's 60th birthday party next month. Sandy


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