Jul 23, 2015

Beachy Dreams

I would love to spend a morning right here...

in my jammies...

with just a cup of coffee, my Bible and God...

Jul 16, 2015

Our New Buffet...Before and After!

Hey ya'll, Hope someone might be reading this! I'm sure I have lost every reader I had! A year+ is a long time to go with out writing a single blog post! I have missed it so much...but life has been really crazy! As you may know my dad passed in May of 2014 and at that time I had no plan of stopping the blog, but was just taking some time to try and get back to doing some of the projects I wanted to possibly blog about...when more of life's stumbling blocks got in the way. 

My daughter's husband left the marriage...2 short weeks after their 3rd child was born.  This came as a complete shock for all of us...and a very rough year for my daughter. She and her 3 children moved in with us. This is a big change for my husband and I...as we have been empty nesters since 2006! While this has been a very rough year for our daughter...we are so very proud of her! She had been a stay at home mom for the last 3 years of her marriage, however she has a psychology degree, and has now gone back to school to get her masters. The plan is for her to stay here while she does that, and we can help her with the kids. She is doing VERY well after all she has been through!!
That being said... I have managed to accomplish a little here and there.  So I thought I would get back to this ole blog, and give it another go round. It is something I really do enjoy!! I miss you!

If you were following me before, you might remember this cabinet...I came upon at a yard sale while visiting my son in Arkansas a couple of years ago...yes...a couple of years ago for a mere $35.00! You can read about it HERE  I did manage to get it done this last year and thought I would show you the before and after! I am so happy with the way that it turned out!
Again here is the before pic...and yes that is a vice attached to the top...the piece was being used in a Garage!

...and here it is today...

My husband has admitted to me, that he was wrong..and that this piece was worth bringing home from Arkansas! The entire piece is solid oak...except for the 2 door panels where I have replaced the metal pieces that were in there when I found it, with wood. He did an amazing job, fixing the top piece...sanding it down to the bare wood, and doing some other repair work...filling the holes that were left from the big bolts used to secure the vice, etc.  I then stained it with this stain:

The base paint is Valspar, and the color is Stoney Point. I distressed it just a little bit...and then again used the same stain to antique it. I used contact paper on the inside shelves and drawers...and replaced the handles on the drawers...and painted the 2 original on the doors to match. The indside I left in it's original condition, I love how you can really see the age on the inside walls. The shelves I covered with contact paper in the pretty gray and white chevron pattern.

 Last but not least a picture to show you...as it stands here today in my kitchen.

If you have an interest in the shelves...I plan on doing a post in a few days about them...with close up pictures...so you can see how old they look, and how I achieved the look with brand new wood. Hope you come back and visit again. I am so happy to be back at blogging!

God Bless