Dec 5, 2015

My Christmas Mantel

Merry Christmas!
 I can't believe it's here already! 
I swear it comes sooner every year!!

This year for my mantel I wanted a Nativity Scene. Problem was I didn't have one! The one I had for years had gotten broken, and I had never replaced it! 
Shame on me! 
Part of the reason for that was I could not find one that I really liked.

I decided to make one!
This is one of the cheapest, easiest, and awesome crafts I have ever done!

I simply found a silhouette of one online...
printed it off...the size that I wanted it.
I didn't want it to be very tall...because I was leaving the mirror hanging, and I didn't want to see the reflection of it in the mirror, because it would be to busy! 
 I traced it onto plain ole' foam core board, cut it out with an exacto knife and then sprinkled it with fine white glitter. 
Made little foam core stands...
and wha la!
Just the sweetest depiction of what Christmas is all about!
I couldn't be happier with my Mantel this year!

Please remember the reason we celebrate!


  1. Sharon! That is absolutely brilliant - it is perfection!!!!!

    *Adore* this craft, you did it so well - so clever!

  2. You must have a steady hand to cut the fine details of your nativity, Sharon! It looks beautiful accented with the white boa and twinkle lights. Enjoy!


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