Dec 7, 2013

cozy change to my Christmas kitchen!

Hey Ya'll

Just a quick post today to show you a little change I made to my kitchen.

Here is the before keep in mind I was in the middle of a project on my kitchen table...and had Christmas decor stuff laying all well as other stuff...when I got the notion to make this change. So with out cleaning up...I grabbed the camera for the before shot.

when we got the new floors...and took out a weird placed gave us a huge area for a I purchased this one...and always thought it needed to be placed as it is...just cause there was room.  But if you notice the bench in the front right side of the know the one with all of the photos sitting on it....
You don't place your photos all over your bench?

Anyway...I have always liked the look of a bench...and/or mixed seating at the I changed things up a bit...and came up with this.

Now before I show you the pic...there is a disclaimer...

I know that the light fixture is all wrong...and it isn't centered...
bla bla bla...
you may or may not have banged your head on it if and when you were here...

no will get changed out...
one of these days I promise!!

so here is the after...

I would take a picture standing back further like the before pic...but Christmas decor and other still laying about...and I can't have that in the "after picture" now can I?
It's against the "reveal" rules
(light fixtures are not included in this rule!)

The bench is an old church pew...

I bought it in 1996...the year I moved to Indiana.

I was at the covered bridge Mansfield Indiana...I had them hold it...and my loving husband went back with me to pick it up. He carried it  among massive amounts of people for a mile to our you know it holds a special place in our hearts...
well my heart...
I don't think he was all that moved by the experience!

I 'm loving it for now...I think it looks so cozy!

here are a couple of other pics...just so you can see a bit better...
the wreaths...

and the little table behind the bench...

I will be changing out the center piece though...
that was the project I was working on in the before pic...and just threw it up there for the picture...I think it will end up in my dining room.

Until next time...


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  1. It looks AWESOME! Such a difference!

  2. I love your It's against the reveal rules phrase. ;-)

    It looks gorgeous!

  3. Your dining room looks so much more cozy now! And if you're facing the windows, you've got a lovely view outdoors. It's a win, win arrangement!

  4. Sharon it looks GREAT- I just love that. See? You are doing great things, and it is just FINE if it takes a while, long as we get there, eh??

  5. What a great old bench, Sharon, and I love the story behind it.

    I had a light fixture kind of like that at one of our houses and I took an S hook and hooked one end of it to the very top and pulled the chain all the way up and hooked it tight to the ceiling. That way, even off-center, it virtually disappeared.

    Can't wait to see more and I LOVE your eating area! xo Diana

  6. I love the bench and it looks so great with the table! Much cozier!
    Thanks for sharing with us at TTF!


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