Aug 11, 2013

Serving Up Instant Gratification...

I love instant gratification! 

It's usually not a good thing

However today, I'm just popping in to show you a quick little project...that was almost instantly gratifying!

Last summer while hitting the yard sales I picked up 2 very similar trays.
This one is the smaller of the 2.

I thought they were interesting...and you can never have to many trays...
at least I can't anyway...I just like trays!

and for 5 bucks for the pair, would you pass em up?

They have almost a rusty look to them...which under the right circumstance I would like...but in my house, I'm fighting the brown on top of brown thing...or in this case the brown on top of black thing...and I have come to find out how much I love contrast.

So I grabbed this...

and quickly (I mean I didn't even cover every inch!)
put a coat of paint on.

Next I took these...

and mixed them together to get a bit of a lighter shade than the Caribbean color

about this color to be exact...

Once the original stone gray paint was dry

I dry brushed this color over it

Dry brushing...just in case you are just as it sounds...take your dry brush...dip it in paint...and then wipe most all of it off on a rag or paper towel...and then brush over the item until you get the desired look.

In the case of this tray...the raised detail...made it very easy to get the effect I was looking for...

and here is the final piece...I just wanted to add a small amount of color...and it turned out just perfect!

Hope you like it!

It took about 10 minutes...

you can beat that for instant gratification!

Until next time...

God Bless!


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  1. Neat tray, Sharon!!! I have never seen anything like it - and you totally got it for a SONG!

    Have a wonderful week!

  2. I love it! What a great and quick project!!

  3. I love how it turned out. Great idea.

  4. Love the texture of the trays. Great color, they look gorgeous!

  5. Sharon! Now that's an instant gratification project! I love it and I love the color you mixed. This was a great little tutorial. Just as I was wondering what dry brushing was, you explained it in the next sentence. You got a great deal too! I adore having trays around my house and yours is perfect!

  6. I love trays, too! And heck yeah I'd spend $5 on two of those. It's quite interesting and different! Love it!


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