Aug 7, 2015

How to make NEW wood look OLD

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In my last post, where I revealed my new buffet

which you can read more about HERE and HERE

 I told you I'd be back to show you how I made my shelves look like old wood. This was a very quick, easy and fun project and a good way to work out some frustration...
not that I have any of course!

First, I picked out my wood, a couple of pieces of pine...
2" x 10" x 6'
Because I wanted them to look old and beat need to look for the best fact the more knots the better...the more beat up the better. I did want to make sure mine were not warped...
but actually that would add a lot of character also!

Now the fun part...and the "work out your frustration" part...
just beat them up!

I looked around our work room for anything and everything I could find that would help me...and here is what I came up mind you...I am NOT a big tool user...leaving that to my husband more often than I don't even know the proper names of most of the items...but pictures are worth 100 words...and I took many to show you the tools I used, and the damage beauty I created with them!

First I took a hammer and randomly hit the wood...making sure to NOT do so in any kind of pattern!

I also used a big heavy chain...
but for some reason did not get a picture of that.

I used this pick thing to make worm holes...and to gouge deep lines in the wood.

This chisel thingy...along with a good old fashioned screw driver...did some wonderful damage!

This scraper, or plainer or whatever it's called...against the grain...also worked wonderful!

I must have actually used the scraper first...since you can see the scraping in ever other picture!

A hatchet is a great stress re-leaser!

Once I felt I had them beat up enough...I used my palm sander...and sanded it all all my damage wouldn't look so fresh, and to get all of the loose wood splinters removed. I also went around the edges to give them a more softer worn look.
Then choose your stain...and make sure to get it down in all of the gaps, dings, scrapes and holes.

Once you're should have something like this...

Finally, they are put in place...
I am thrilled with how they turned out!

I really love how this edge turned out!

Pine is extremely soft, and this was very very easy! The oak top of the buffet would have been more difficult. I opted to leave mine alone and not distress it...somewhat for that very reason! lol!

Well, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this!

God Bless

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